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M-Morphosis INDONESIA is taken from Metamorphosis wording with meaning revolution from decent materials in to beautiful and meaningful products and the same time we aim to provide a professional and highly standard service to all buyers. This is what we are aiming to, Indonesia has a pretty bad image from most international buyers gaze from services and quality point of view. In this case M-Morphosis will take the lead and opportunity to turn and construct that condition in to a professional and premium services to buyers with excellent products and design. This will eventually transforms Indonesia enterprises into to be a better and more professional manner.
M-Morphosis is cemented and formed by 3 basic elemens we called SEE (Social, Environment and Economic) . M-Morphosis always provide its stakeholder with honor and pride. M-Morphosis also will utilize and promote sustainable material or rapidly renewable resource for our products.

M-Morphosis INDONESIA deploys talented and professional local staff and workers event focus on suburb society in order to improve their quality of live without neglecting qualities.

M-Morphosis INDONESIA also encourages young designers to express their ability and talents in to a real business world . M-Morphosis will liaise among international professional buyers with young and talented Indonesia designers to provide a fresh and rejuvenate home furnishing products with the touch of eco- environmental materials .

M-Morphosis INDONESIA serves various order of home furnishing products (mixed container) from furniture down to home accessories products hence middle range buyer could gain price efficiency at the same time buyers could have various item in their stores with a competitive price.

M-Morphosis INDONESIA is familiar with global shipment procedures including taxation process and our sales team is equipped with hands on product knowledge and lead time to your country in order to help you the best time for order.